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Santa Clara Glass Inc. specializes in the design, fabrication, procurement, and installation of custom glass for residential, commercial, and metal storefront facades for luxury retail, high-end commercial construction projects, and consumer designer glassworks in heart of Silicon Valley.

We differentiate ourselves from our competition by offering a full range of in-house services including design, consultation, budget development, detail development, and custom fabricating.

Ben Hosseini

Ben Hosseini - Founder

Our Mission

Santa Clara Glass Inc. works with core principle of employing relatable glass fitting items manufactured at quality parameters in glass industry, with standards as well as customization offers.

Our Goal

Planning and objectification of each glass service is the major breakthrough for Sana Clara Glass Inc. This mode of implementation is carried since beginning to recent glass manufacturing, designing and installation procedures at residential and commercial locations.

Our Vision

Santa Clara Glass Inc. considers all traditional and modern aspect of basic to intricate glass from standard to custom-made glass unique projects. New innovations and developments in glass concept to practical realizations is the vision behind our long business run.